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It's Brain Health; not Mental Illness

Help for Today; Hope for Tomorrow

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End the Stigma Now; Improve Access to Care

Through endless challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic such as increased anxiety, depression, housing and job instability, health concerns, and food insecurity, thousands of individuals have vowed to keep moving forward for the sake of their families and loved ones. Together with the dedication of our staff and your incredible support, we are meeting our consumers needs as well as creating an environment that is welcoming and free of the stigma surrounding access to these needed services.

Inspired by our collaboration with Brain Health Now we are incorporating a focus on ending the stigma associated with seeking brain health services by changing the words we use as well as increasing our awareness of how we show up in our work with our clients, colleagues, and community partners every day.

In early 2021, in partnership with Heudia Health, Hillcrest launched AccessMeCare, a community engagement software platform that focuses on getting our clients to the care they need in our communities at the right time, place, and cost. This platform will provide the end user a simple way to connect to resources in their community that will assist them based on the social determinants of health. We look forward to changing the way human services are coordinated in our communities.

Your generous gift helps our clients get the access to the help they need in an environment free of the stigma. Thank you for helping our clients during these most difficult times.